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Oseltamivir Capsules

Oseltamivir IP 30 MG Oseltamivir IP 45 MG Oseltamivir IP 75 MG
Price: 720.00 INR/Box

Ivermectin Usp Tablets

Ivermectin 3 MG Ivermectin 6 MG Ivermectin 12 MG
Price: 350.00 INR/Box

Carbimazole Tablets

Carbimazole IP 5mg Carbimazole IP 10mg Carbimazole IP 20mg
Price: 965.00 INR/Bottle

Cholecalciferol Sachet

Cholecalciferol IP 60,000 IU
Price: 37.00 INR/Box

Acamprosate Tablets

Price: 81.00 INR/Box

Desloratadine Tablets

Desloratadine USP 5 MG
Price: 58.00 INR/Box

Favipiravir Tablets

Favipiravir 20 mg
Price: 2108.00 INR/Box

Loratadine Tablets

Loratadine BP 10 MG
Price: 36.00 INR/Box

Ketoconazole Tablet

ketoconazole IP 200MG Tablet
Price: 165.00 INR/Box

Clotrimazole Tablets

Clotrimazole Vaginal 100mg Tablets (pessary)
Price: 58.00 INR/Tablet

Disulfiram Tablet

Disulfiram 500 MG
Price: 45.00 INR/Box

Montelukast Tablets

Montelukast sodium IP 5MG Montelukast sodium IP 10MG Montelukast sodium IP 10 MG + Levocetirizine IP 5 MG Desloratidine 5 Mg + Montelukast Sodium IP 10 Mg
Price: 225.00 INR/Box

Entecavir Tablet

Entecavir IP 0.5 MG Entecavir IP 1 MG
Price: 1205.00 INR/Box

Tofacitinib Tablets

Tofacitinib 5mg Tab
Price: 525.00 INR/Box

Primaquine Tablets

Primaquine Phosphate IP 15MG
Price: 56.70 INR/Box

Finasteride Tablet

Finasteride IP 1 MG Finasteride IP 5 MG Finasteride IP 1 MG + Biotin BP 10 MG
Price: 150.00 INR/Box

Hydroxychloroquine Sulphate Tablet

Hydroxychloroquine 200 MG Hydroxychloroquine 400 MG
Price: 134.00 INR/Box

Aciclovir Tablets

Acyclovir IP 200 MG Acyclovir IP 400 MG Acyclovir IP 800 MG
Price: 222.00 INR/Box

Bromocriptine Tablets

Bromocriptine Mesylate 2.5MG
Price: 289.00 INR/Box

Proguanil Tablets

Proguanil hcl 100mg
Price: 63.00 INR/Box

Voriconazole Tablets

Voriconazole IP 200 MG
Price: 3600.00 INR/Box

Quinine Sulphate Tablets

Quinine Sulphate 300 MG
Price: 59.00 INR/Box

Picosulphate Tablets

Sodium picosulphate BP 10MG
Price: 53.00 INR/Box

Praziquantel Tablets

Praziquantel 600MG
Price: 126.38 INR/Box

Cinnarizine Tablets

Cinnarizine IP 25 MG Cinnarizine IP 75 MG
Price: 88.00 INR/Box

Ibandronic Acid Tablets

Ibandronic Acid 150mg
Price: 240.00 INR/Box

Mefenamic Acid Tablets

Mefenamic Acid 250 MG + Dicyclomine 10 MG
Price: 26.00 INR/Box

Thyroxine sodium Tablets

Thyroxine sodium IP 12.5mg Thyroxine sodium IP 25 MCG Thyroxine sodium IP 37.5MCG Thyroxine sodium IP 50 MCG Thyroxine sodium IP 62.5 MCG Thyroxine sodium IP 75 MCG
Price: 144.00 INR/Bottle

Thyroxine sodium Tablets

Thyroxine sodium IP 88MCG Thyroxine sodium IP 100 MCG Thyroxine sodium IP 100 MCG Thyroxine sodium IP 125 MCG Thyroxine sodium IP 150 MCG
Price: 167.00 INR/Bottle

Methimazole Tablets

Methimazole USP 5 MG
Price: 50.00 INR/Box

Terbinafine Hydrochloride Tablets

Terbinafine Hcl USP 250MG Terbinafine Hcl USP 500MG
Price: 200.00 INR/Box

Valacyclovir Tablets

Valacyclovir hcl USP 500 MG Valacyclovir hcl USP 1000 MG
Price: 450.00 INR/Box

Melatonin Capsule

Melatonin 10MG
Price: 135.00 INR/Box

Isotretinoin Ip Capsule

  • Supply Ability:1000 Per Year
Price: 318.00 INR/Box

Coral calcium Sachet

Coral calcium, vitamin d3,(veg.) Megnesium & Zinc mouth melting granules
Price: 54.00 INR/Piece

Ors Sachets

Price: 24.00 INR/Piece

Proteon Powder

Protein Hydrolysate 20% 5.00 Gm + Niacinamide 15.00 Mg + Pyridoxine Hcl 0.50 Mg + Folic Acid 150.00 Mcg + Ergocalciferol 22.50 Mcg + Cyanocobalamin 0.80 Mcg + Calcium 294.58 Mg + Phosphorous 227.84 Mg + Ferric Amonium Citrate 12.00 Mg + Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate 4.94 Mg + Manganese Chloride 2.06 Mg Protien Powder (Mango Flavour)
Price: 60.00 INR/Bottle

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